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Luvion Exact non-contact thermometer

Luvion Exact non-contact thermometer

The Luvion Exact non-contact thermometer is a digital infrared dual mode thermometer that can be used to measure your baby’s body temperature or to Carefully check whether the milk in the feeding bottle has the right temperature. The Exact non-contact thermometer is a lot more pleasant for your baby than an "old fashioned" rectal thermometer!

  • This non-contact infrared thermometer is safe, hygienic and easy to use
  • Dual mode, body temperature detecting and milk temperature detecting
  • Up to 20 previous readings are stored to help you track the changes of your baby’s body temperature
  • Alarm function when the reading exceeds 37.5°C
  • Multiple colour backlit display to interpret the reading faster.
  • Non-contact, measure your baby’s temperature while your baby is sleeping
  • Less threatening to baby’s than a rectal thermometer