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Grand Elite

Luvion Grand Elite

The Luvion Grand Elite is the absolute bestseller amongst Luvion video babymonitors. Beautiful and trendy design, a large screen and many useful features. This babymonitor has won many awards for being the best video babymonitor on the market. Here you may order your Luvion Grand Elite accessories and components like: docking stations, batteries etc.

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Please note we do not sell full sets and/or seperate camera's. Please contact your local Luvion distributor to purchase a complete Grand Elite set and/or seperate camera.

Separate camera Grand Elite

Separate camera Grand Elite - UK Plug

Adapter camera Grand Elite EU

Adapter camera Grand Elite EU 9V

Adapter camera Grand Elite UK

Adapter camera Grand Elite UK 9V

Adapter monitor Grand Elite EU

Adapter monitor Grand Elite UK

Docking Station Grand Elite

Extra Luvion Grand Elite battery

GE stand

GE Cover with Stand