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Projection Arc

Projection Arc

The Luvion Arc Projector projects a beautiful calming starry sky on the ceiling of your nursery. A soothing lullaby can be set for 10 or 20 minutes with the automatic timer. A lovely way to fall asleep for those little miracles.  You can choose to either use only the magic starry sky, or only the lullaby or to use both at the same time. The LED lights are available in different colours, so you can choose between a blue, green or orange projection or a relaxing rotating projection colour.

Please note that the Luvion Arc dream nightlight is powered by three AAA batteries (not included).



• Projects stars on the ceiling of the nursery while playing a soothing lullaby
• Choose one of the 3 play modes: Projection-only, music-only or projection-with-sound mode
• Choose between 3 different projection colours or rotating projection colours
• Listen to heartbeat sound or one of the four built-in lullabies
• LED light projection, safe and economical in use, doesn’t get hot
• Automatic shut-off after 10 or 20 minutes of music, Automatic shut off after 45 minutes of projection