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Prestige Touch

Luvion Prestige Touch

The Luvion Prestige Touch is our newest video babyphone. This impressive baby video monitor has a big 7 inch screen. It is not only very impressive, but it also has a quad function to watch multiple cameras simultaneously and a touch menu. Of course the Prestige Touch also comes with all the features you have come to expect from a Luvion baby video monitor. 

Here you may order your Luvion Prestige Touch accessories and components like: adapters, batteries, etc. Click on the accesory and component buttons for more information.

Please note we do not sell full sets and/or seperate camera's. Please contact your local Luvion distributor to purchase a complete Prestige Touch set and/or seperate camera.

Luvion Prestige Touch camera

Luvion Prestige Touch camera - UK Plug

Adapter camera Prestige Touch EU

Adapter camera Prestige Touch UK

Adapter monitor Prestige Touch EU

Adapter monitor Prestige Touch UK

Extra battery Prestige Touch