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Supreme Connect

Luvion Supreme Connect

The Luvion Supreme Connect is the most complete Luvion Baby monitor. Packed with features, a remote controled camera and a large 4,3" color screen. Connect the babymonitor with internet to see your baby on smartphone or tablet - anywere, anytime. Here you may order your Luvion Supreme Connect accessories and components like: adapters, batteries, etc. Click on the accesory and component buttons for more information. Please note we do not sell full sets, seperate camera's or the WiFi Bridge. Please contact your local Luvion distributor to purchase a complete Supreme Connect, a seperate camera or WiFi Bridge.
Separate camera Supreme Connect

Separate camera Supreme Connect - UK Plug

Luvion Supreme Connect stand

Luvion Supreme Connect Power Adapter

Luvion Supreme Connect Power Adapter UK

Luvion Supreme Connect Battery

Wall mount Supreme Connect